CableMod® Sleeved Power and Ethernet Cables

ModFlex™ and ModMesh™ Sleeving Take Style Outside the Box

(August 24, 2016) – When it comes to sleeved cables, many enthusiasts look out for the style and quality of CableMod® cables to beautify the insides of their rigs. Today, CableMod launches its latest lineup of cables designed to bring style outside the PC. Introducing CableMod Sleeved Power and Ethernet Cables – the ideal way to extend your color scheme to the exterior of your system.


CableMod Sleeved Power Cords are the stylish way to power your system. These 2m long cords come sleeved with none other than CableMod’s famous ModFlex™ and ModMesh™ sleeving – two ultra-dense sleeving materials that completely hide the wire underneath for a luxurious look. The heavy-duty all-copper 16AWG wire ensures optimum power delivery to your components, while the precision-molded connectors with strain relief mean maximum safety and long life. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, and four different power plugs, these UL-approved power cords are a powerful way to add color to your rig.


CableMod Sleeved Ethernet Cables add that signature CableMod look to your network. Like our new Sleeved Power Cords, these Ethernet Cables also come in both ModFlex and ModMesh varieties, allowing you to perfectly match the rest of your CableMod cables. Beneath the premium sleeving is pure copper 24AWG wire for maximum data transmission, and CAT6 classification makes these cables ideal for modern 10/100/1000/10G BASE-T networks. CableMod Sleeved Ethernet Cables are built with UTP shielding to minimize crosstalk and are available in both 1m and 2m lengths.


CableMod Sleeved Power Cords and Sleeved Ethernet Cables come in a multitude of vibrant colors to perfectly match your hardware setup:

ModFlex Colors ModMesh Colors
Black Blue Light Green
Red Blood Red Orange
Blue Carbon Red
Green Grey Silver
Orange Black White
White Light Blue


To see the entire selection, visit the official CableMod website at