Introducing CableMod® AIO Sleeving Kits

Revolutionary ModWrap™ sleeving delivers style to your AIO water cooler

(August 11, 2017)CableMod is constantly looking for new ways for enthusiasts around the world to beautify their PCs. Today, we are proud to announce the latest product to shake up the modding scene – CableMod AIO Sleeving Kits. Made from our revolutionary new ModWrap™ self-wrapping sleeving, this product is the easiest way to give your AIO water cooling setup a boost of style without voiding your warranty.

CableMod AIO Sleeving Kits begin with our exclusive ModWrap sleeving. Made of a durable nylon material, this self-wrapping sleeving can be installed without disassembling your AIO cooler, and solves the problem of kinks and breaks that can arise from extreme bending of AIO tubing. Best of all, all five vibrant colors are color-matched to CableMod ModMesh™ cables, which makes them a perfect complement for systems that use them.

Installing the AIO Sleeving Kit couldn’t be any easier. Simply place the sleeving along the length of your AIO tubing, and then attach the included molded plastic clips to the end of each ModWrap sleeve. These clips not only help keep the sleeving in place, but also help to hide any uneven edges for a clean, professional look. With a completely tool-free installation process, adding style to your AIO setup has never been quicker or easier.

At launch, CableMod AIO Sleeving Kits will come in two different series: Series 1 supports Corsair® Hydro Gen 2 AIO coolers, while Series 2 supports select AIO coolers from EVGA® and NZXT®.

Here’s a full listing of SKUs:

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