Vertical PCI-e Bracket Installation Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the CableMod Vertical PCI-e Bracket! In just a few steps, you’ll be able to mount your graphics card vertically inside your case.

IMPORTANT: This is the guide to our new, 3-Slot Vertical PCI-e Bracket. If you’re looking for the install guide for the older 2-Slot version, please click here.

Before we begin, please make sure that you have all the included accessories inside your package:

CableMod Vertical PCI-e Bracket – 2 x DisplayPort – BLACK


1 x Vertical PCI-e bracket
1 x PCI-e riser cable
2 x DisplayPort cable (1.8m)
7 x Screws

CableMod Vertical PCI-e Bracket – HDMI + DisplayPort – BLACK


1 x Vertical PCI-e bracket
1 x PCI-e riser cable
1 x DisplayPort cable (1.8m)
1 x HDMI adapter
7 x Screws

STEP 1: Attached bottom bracket to side bracket. Secure with three screws.

STEP 2: Secure PCI-e riser cable to bottom bracket with two screws.

STEP 3: Install graphics card on PCI-e riser slot. Secure graphics card onto bracket with screws.

STEP 4: Connect DisplayPort and/or HDMI adapters, and route outside case via PCI-e slot.

STEP 5: Secure bracket to your case using your case screws, and connect the riser card to your motherboard’s PCI-e slot. You’re done!