12VHPWR Angled Adapter Installation Guide

Hello and thank you for purchasing the CableMod 12VHPWR Angled Adapter!

Before installing your new adapter, please read this entire guide. We’ve assembled some handy tips to help you install the adapter properly, and to ensure everything runs smoothly once installed.

Please follow these installation steps IN ORDER as to prevent damage during installation.

Step 1: Pre-bending the 12VHPWR cable

Before installing your cable, you should first visualize where the cable will be bent when installed inside your system, and begin to bend the cable at this location beforehand. This will help minimize mechanical stress to both the adapter and your graphics card, and help you route your cable more easily. As the 16 AWG wires of the cable are very stiff, this process can take some while to have the cable in line with the desired routing direction.

As the terminals on 12VHPWR cables are generally smaller and more fragile, please be careful not to bend your cable too close to the connector itself, as this could cause wires to come loose from the connector housing. Bends should be done at least 3.5~4cm from the connector. For more tips on 12VHPWR cable installation, please see our 12VHPWR cable installation guide.

Step 2: Mating the 12VHPWR cable with the adapter

When mating the 12VHPWR cable with the adapter, make sure the 12VHPWR connector is visually fully seated inside the header of the adapter. Once the connector is fully seated, a clicking sound should be noticed.

If your cable has a cable shroud (i.e. a CableMod 12VHPWR cable), we recommend removing it before installation, in case it makes it hard to determine if the cable connector is fully seated. Also, depending on the graphics card and adapter version being used, removing the shroud may be necessary in order to avoid collisions with the graphics card after installation (i.e. Gigabyte Gaming OC and the 90 Degree Variant B).

Step 3: Mating the adapter with the graphics card

When mating the angled adapter assembly with the graphic card make sure the connector of the adapter is visually fully seated inside the header of the graphic card. Once the connector is fully seated, a clicking sound should be noticed.

In case a lot of force is needed for inserting the angled adapter, hold the graphic card firmly, so the PCIe slot will not be damaged.

After routing your 12VHPWR cable, please double check to see that no gaps between the adapter and the GPU port have appeared during the routing process.

You may see a slight vertical wobble with the male connector compared to the female connector on the adapter. This is totally normal and your adapter is completely safe to use.

Important safety precautions

  • The included aluminum shell functions as a heatshink for the adapter, which means it can get quite hot during operation. Please do not touch the adapter while the system is running.
  • If you need to remove the adapter for any reason, please power down your system, and wait until the adapter has had adequate time too cool down before handling.
  • Please check to make sure the connection between the adapter and the graphics card, and the adapter and cable are fully mated before powering on your system.

A Message from CableMod

We thank you for purchasing our Angled Adapter, and hope that you are pleased with your purchase. We have sold tems of thousands of adapters around the globe, and have had great feedback about this product so far. There have been a few cases (<5) where people experienced issues with their adapter, and this is mainly due to the adapter not being fully plugged in before use.

However, should you experience any issues with your own adapter, please feel free to reach out to our support team. In the unlikely event of any system damage, we will be here to help. We stand proudly behind our products, and are committed to taking care of our community.


Your Friends at CableMod

Still unsure?

If you’ve got any questions at all about the above, please reach out to our friendly support staff, and they will be able to help!